what does the dive tourist care about?

The dive tourist cares about the condition of coral reefs and the marine biodiversity that surrounds them. The dive tourist wants to see beautiful, healthy coral reefs, schooling fish, sharks, whale sharks, manta rays, turtles, whales, dolphins and dugongs and all the macro life that makes diving in the tropics such a wonderful, life changing experience.

Th dive tourist cares about the lives of local fishers and their communities, who live along the shores of the coral reefs. Since seventy five per cent of the world’s coral reefs lie in the tropics, with fishers living in poverty along their shores, the future of coral reefs and local fishers cannot be separated. Many divers love coral reefs and are intrigued by the lives of locals they meet and would like to know more the balance between biodiverse coral reefs and fish stocks and the lives of local people, and why they are important to each other.

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