why is integrated coastal management a good framework?

Integrated coastal management is a good framework for the management of coral reefs in the tropics because it;

  • builds a framework of factors necessary for sustainable management, based on the success and failure of major coral reef conservation projects,
  • recognises that to be sustainable, coral reef conservation projects must include the social, economic and environmental factors surrounding the coral reef,
  • recognises the links between the conservation of coral reefs and the needs of local fishers and communities for food and income security, and the need for balance,
  • considers the private sector as a source of sustainable financing, and
  • contemplates the engagement of the private sector as integral contributors to integrated coastal management.

The bottom line in the integrated coastal management of coral reefs and fisheries, is that coral reefs and fish stocks must be  conserved while the quality of life of local fishers and communities is improved.  Dive tourism, which relies on the health of the coral reefs of the tropics for business, has a role in achieving both.



Dive user fees contributing to the cost of the integrated coastal management of the coral reefs of Apo Island in The Philippines


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