22 May 2017

Oslob Whale Sharks: bright spot in community based dive tourism

Field work blog – Post 2

Up with the dawn. Dive tourists from all over the world and around the Philippines, take selfies before being paddled out by the local fisherman’s cooperative to snorkel, swim with or watch whale sharks from banca (traditional, unmotorised outrigger canoes). With a 393% increase in visitor numbers from 2012 when Oslob Whale Sharks started, to 2016, the world has caught on to this community based dive tourism operation.

Financially, Oslob Whale Sharks is a phenomenal success. My bright spot case study is designed to research the impact of Olsob Whale Sharks on the livelihoods of local fishers and their community. I also research the impact of Oslob Whale Sharks on the whale sharks, and the conservation of coral reefs and fish stock around Oslob Whale Sharks. Stay tuned!

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